"Before I started working with Tracey of New Face of Retirement, we had a profitable and comfortable way of running our business. Things worked, but I knew that in order to grow our business from $1.5m in sales to over $3m and more in one year, I would need to change the way in which things worked and how we worked.
I knew that we had to change, but honestly did not know how I was going to achieve it being CEO of a company, working one on one with high net worth clients who want exclusivity, managing the marketing needs of the company, doing the HR, daily running of the company and on top of that being the mum of a busy family.
That was when I knew I needed Tracey's help and expertise. Tracey was very calm and deliberate with me, she made it all seem so easy and within reach. We would speak on a weekly basis and I was given homework to do to prepare for the call. Tracey was very precise and thorough in explaining how I should make the changes, how I should communicate with my staff to help them understand why systems were needed and how the team could help to make them so we could work with more people, have more employees, how they could get promotions, make more money, enjoy our work more and work smarter not harder.
Making a system out of everything we do at our company has helped us to provide a more touching and caring relationship with our clients. We have a process from day one and for the rest of our relationship on how to look after them better. We are now able to show our suppliers how we love to work with them and also to jointly help our clients have a more loving experience. Everyone is winning. Plus the process has made our lives so much easier, we are no longer figuring out what to say and how to say it - it is all there in our system.
Our clients and suppliers love how we are able to communicate better, how we are showing them that we really care about their experience. Our staff love that their roles are so fruitful and easy, and they are excited about promotions and growing the company to serve more people.
I highly recommend Tracey if you are looking to increase your revenues, have more love and joy in your work and make your business more efficient. Tracey has helped us to love our work, serve more people, make more $$$ and stop working so hard. It's easy and fun thanks to Tracey."
Sandy Salle, Hills of Africa Travel

HOW CAN I MARKET MORE EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY?? WHAT CAN I DO THAT WILL ENHANCE MY BOTTOM LINE? These were the big questions that I, Corine Norgaard, asked myself a few months after I had purchased Retirement Options. I found myself trying all sorts of different approaches and switching from one idea to the next. As a business owner, I was spending lots of money, running myself ragged, and staying awake at night worrying about the lack of results. I heard Tracey Fieber speak, was impressed with what she had to say, and called her. Much to my surprise, not only did she talk to me, Tracey started asking me questions and sharing her ideas with me without any type of financial commitment on my part. And she did this more than once. I concluded that a person who was willing to give so generously of her time and store of knowledge was someone with whom I wanted to work. I hired Tracey as a marketing consultant and I am still benefiting from her guidance. BECAUSE OF MY EXPERIENCE WITH TRACEY, WHEN WE NEEDED SOMEONE TO OFFER MARKETING HELP TO RETIREMENT OPTIONS COACHES AND FRIENDS, SHE WAS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE. TRACEY AND RETIREMENT OPTIONS OFFERED AN OPPORTUNITY TO BENEFIT, AS I DID, FROM A COMPREHENSIVE AND ORGANIZED APPROACH TO DEVELOPING A MARKETING PLAN AND APPROPRIATE STRATEGIES. Corine N., www.RetirementOptions.com

"Thanks very much for our coaching session this morning.  The session was informative and very worthwhile. Instead of just telling me what to do, you put it in a manner of a question to me & with me being able to talk about it, I figured out the answers on my own.  I believe this to be a very good coaching technique & the session will help me considerably in my business." D. Avison, Humboldt, Saskatchewan
"'What it does for me' - the coaching is a support mechanism.  When you commit to an action plan you are more likely to do it.  I don't usually talk to my husband, friends or co-workers about this type of thing as I don't think that they are interested so it is nice to have an independent party to talk to and get some suggestions from.  I feel that our two sessions have helped me focus on my goals." B. Kesslering, Regina, Saskatchewan
A few words of what I have accomplished as a result of our coaching: gained clarity over frustrated situations; minimized risks (be prepared) for challenges with your credible advice (i.e. expertise in HR). What do I think of coaching with you?  You always meet me where I am regardless of topics; you are Crisp/ Minimalist/ Efficient (but with warmth); I also appreciate you being very stable (no emotional fluctuations/always calm and neutral)! K. Nozaki, Japan
I do want to thank you for all of your help and support over the last few months.  You've helped me get on track for both my yoga and my weight loss. Sometimes it just takes that extra commitment - just verbalizing your goals. B. Kesslering, Regina, Saskatchewan
I felt the sessions went well.  I felt comfortable with the conversation and appreciated the suggestions from Tracey.  I felt that Tracey was genuinely interested in me.  She asked me questions to help me further think through areas that I am working to improve. C. Declercq, Estevan, Saskatchewan

Thank you for a truly an inspiring session, you are absolutely a force. I feel that I am at last en route with this phase of my career.
Thank you for a truly valuable session.  I am most impressed by your knowledge and generosity. I have incorporated all your suggestions and it is already having a noticeable impact.  As a result of your guidance, my business has gained momentum-the right demographic and fun as well!  I am finding that since our session my language about my work has become so much more REAL and less academic. As you can see I am making progress and feel that we are very much on the right track. Thank you for your brilliant coaching. You are incredibly intuitive and “yes” your coaching from yesterday is already having an impact. Thank you again for being in my life, for supporting me and for being my partner.  Tracey, you are a monumental force in my life. Kaitlin E., Toronto ON http://kaitlineckler.com/